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Accessing Actian Zen with the Btrieve2 API

In this tutorial, we will learn how to connect to the Actian Zen database using the Btrieve2 SDK and C++.

The Btrieve2 SDK for Actian Zen provides a mature API that is ideal for working with the data that’s already in an application. Unlike SQL-based database access such as with ODBC or similar drivers, Btrieve2 stores data as records in individual files in the file system.

To use Btrieve2 in a project, we need the following:

  • Install Actian Zen.
  • Download and unpack the Btrieve2 SDK into the development environment.
  • Create the C++ or Python application.

The Btrieve2 API is implemented as a standard C++ class library, so it integrates directly with the rest of your application just like any other library.

Since Btrieve2 API is provided for C/C++ developers, we also supply SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) interface files to create extension files so the API can be used by Python, Perl, and PHP developers. See the topic [Btrieve2 SDK Setup for Python] for details on this process.